Tara Lingeman
Jun 14, 2024
Photo by ABSOLUT on Unsplash

Beauty holds its own
danger —
casts spells that
absolve one from
facing truth,
cloaks erratic
vibrations of an
unwell spirit.

A weapon that
guts the one
wielding it;
harm always
for a chance to
stand next to beauty,
and see oneself
reflected back from
that oh-so-pretty,

Tara Lingeman is an ELA educator, an instructional coach, a yoga teacher, and a writer. She has been contributing to Medium since 2020 and has published three books: A Guide for the Teenage Mystic, a memoir titled, The Quest: One Woman’s Search for the Magic Elixir, and a novel titled, Salamandra. She lives in Detroit, Michigan.

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Tara Lingeman

Seeker, Lover of Stories, Writer, and Teacher. Author of a memoir about searching and finding and a novel, Salamandra. Find both @