I Carry a Torch

Tara Lingeman
2 min readMay 9, 2024
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I carry a torch for you
I carry a torch —
A blaze
illuminating your wide smile
as it sprinkles sunlight over me,
amplifying the echo of your laughter
as you run into the cold water,
a spotlight on moments of kindness,
magnifying meaning of each
shared look.

I carry this torch for you —
It warms me
in the shadows
as I witness
your capacity to love
blooming like coals,
building more heat over time.

I cheer you on,
wish for your happiness,
in that home with her,
while cradling this flame
in my cave
for the chance that one day,
you’ll come looking
for me instead,
and deem it time
to ignite
my gasoline-soaked heart.

In and out
of the arms of others,
I move,
careful to block the wind,
protecting this torch
I keep it lit for years;



Tara Lingeman

Seeker, Lover of Stories, Writer, and Teacher. Author of a memoir about searching and finding and a novel, Salamandra. Find both @ https://linktr.ee/taraling.