Sealskin, Soul-skin — Prince Harry Finds His Pelt

Tara Lingeman
3 min readJan 10, 2023
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

I’ve never been much of a royal watcher, but I find myself super interested in watching Harry verbalize his experience within the royal family. I’m always fascinated by a human narrating how they awakened to truth, how they navigated their way towards acting from truth, and how they now see their path in hindsight from a place of truth.

You can almost see his incredulity growing with each interview. The further removed he becomes from the entanglement, the more he can see the insanity for what it is.

I understand Harry’s need to speak it and speak it repeatedly in multiple venues and modalities.

It is a profound moment when the invisible becomes visible to you in your own life. You almost feel like you must speak it out loud to remind yourself that it is true. This really did happen this way. I am not crazy.

When you’ve been silenced, when you’ve been gaslit for years, when you rip off the band aid that is denial, there is an almost primal clawing upward that is often accompanied by a guttural roar.

People on the outside often bristle.

You are upsetting the delicate balance of their own, reminding them of the lumps they’ve swallowed, or the ugliness they’ve squashed into engagement sized boxes to be tucked away and forgotten.

People pity the abuser and wonder if this all couldn’t be handled a little more quietly. Somehow as a collective, we absorb the shame and support silence over discomfort.

Yet, there is a reason people blast their business on facebook, or that Prince Harry is on 60 minutes. When confronting abuse, people tend to want to go public. Going public is a fuck you to the abuser. More importantly, it is statement to the universe that your feelings are valid, your experience matters, and that you refuse to abandon yourself anymore.

Sealskin, soul-skin — one must reclaim one’s pelt.

In Harry’s case, he never had one. His soul was born in captivity. The palace, a gilded cage, that took him decades to break free from.

He had a guide.



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