They Want to Erase Teachers

Life on the Front Lines

Tara Lingeman
3 min readMay 9, 2024


Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

They want to erase teachers,
ban books from libraries,
and ban the truth from history class.

My student is telling me her dad didn’t
come home last night — that he hasn’t been
right since her brother’s suicide attempt.

They are worried I’m indoctrinating the kids
with my progressive agenda, promoting sex,
and ruining their ability to memorize times tables
with radical new math.

My student is showing us a mark on his torso
from where police tased him yesterday,
while he watched a fight
in a nearby parking lot.

It’s Spirit Week — full of talk of pep rally,
homecoming dresses, and football.
We have a meeting about first hour tardies.
They want to give out detentions.
They are worried the kids aren’t
learning responsibility.

My student is asking for ideas
about how to get her defiant
six year old sister to cooperate
when she is getting her ready for



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